Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pseudo Forest

Spring is very much the time for engagement sessions and there have been some wonderful ones floating around the blogging world lately. I thought that I would devote {the rest of} this week on tying the knot to lovely little engagement sessions.
I can’t help but to start with this one, by Jennifer Skog. You all know how I feel about engagement and/or wedding pictures that take place in a field, right? Well this particular engagement shoot takes place in a field within a pseudo forest and it makes my heart pitter patter. Just have a looksie, you’ll see why.
Things I love about this engagement shoot: the lush green setting, the chic couple and the love that can be seen & felt through these pictures.
I am a firm believer in that the best photos are close ups. Exhibit A:
Please, friends, take note of the fact that the couple didn't get all "matchy-matchy" with their outfits. It's much more aesthetically pleasing if the outfits simply compliment one another and give off the same vibe {please don't wear your favorite little black dress and red heels while your fiance is sporting a ball cap, jeans with holes, flip flops and his favorite football jersey}.

Take away from this engagement photo session: don't be afraid to get close and snuggle. attempt to make your outfits coordinate and compliment. oh, and if you can find a lovely setting like this one to pose in, it will make your photos look 10 times "cooler", i promise.

Photos of this lovely engagement session can be found on the blog of Jennifer Skog.


Cyd said...

Saw this originally on her blog and was completely smitten. How amazing are these?

Courtney said...

What a gorgeous shoot!