Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A sure fire way to make sure that you loooove at least one of your engagement pictures? Lay down together in the grass. Guaranteed framer.

The grassy shot can have so many different feels depending on the light in the photo, the expressions on the couple and the style of the photographer. For example, the picture above is bright, vibrant, and completely breathtaking, just like the photographer that took it.
The great thing about the grassy shot is that it looks good in color, black & white and with a vintage flair. Go ahead and try to tell me that if any one of these were your engagement picture that they wouldn't end up enlarged and in a frame. I don't believe you because they are just too good.

The take away from this post? The grassy shot always works. Try to prove me wrong.

b+w photo by bobbi + mike and vintage photo by oeil photography


Nicole said...

soo pretty...lush...esp. the first one.

I need your help...I need your oppinon..check out my latest entry.. :)

Julia said...

gorgeous!! I must remember that!

Mrs. Jetplane said...

Oh I love Michelle from Oeil, she did our engagement pics...i'm awaiting on latest family pics... by family I mean dogs.