Friday, April 10, 2009


Next week I'll be sharing some of the prettiest little engagement photos {besides my own} that I've seen in a long time. Until then, here's a little something to hold you over.
I saw this picture not too long ago on the blog of boutwell studio. Not only are the rolling fields in the background beautiful, but I love the use of the ladder in the photo shoot!

Who would have thought that an item in one's garage could be the perfect prop for an engagement photo shoot?

photo by the lovely chenin boutwell


Stephanie @ Gossip. Style. Wed. said...

You know, my fourth grade school picture (by Josten's) was taken on a white ladder. With a multi-colored paint-splattered background. The effect wasn't nearly as beautiful, but that may have been in large part due to my bangs. Hard to say, really.

Newport Nuptials said...

I can't wait! I need some inspiration, we are doing ours next month!

Jennifer said...

I am sooo OCD! But its not about large things and I cover it up very well :) I'm just full of surprises!

PS the ladder picture is so adorable!

Globetrottingbride said...

Love this shot!!!! Can't wait to see what else you've got coming!