Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tying the Knot: The Groomsmen

Growing up as an only child, I never had sisters {until these girls came along} and I never had any brothers. But over the years, most of Chris' groomsmen have become like brothers to me. They are quite the group of guys when you get them all together and we were so happy to have them stand by our side on our wedding day.

If I do say so myself, this could be a contender for a banana republic ad since, after all, that's where we got the socks for the Groomsmen. One of my favorites, for no particular reason. And now, a picture that really displays their true identities.

Per request of the Groom, this picture made it's way into this blog post. No one knows why or how this shot came about, but here it is. Thanks so much, guys, for sharing in our special day.

all pictures by: nicole green. please link back to tying the knot when posting any of these pictures.


Adrienne said...

These are great....they are so GQ looking! And of course I LOVE the sock shot!!! Adorable!

Rachel H. said...

Great pictures! Very attractive guys! And I know what you mean about your DH's groomsman becoming like brothers to you. I feel the same way about DF's groomsman. I know that I could call them anytime, and they would do anything I needed. It's nice!

Melissa said...

These are great photographs, I love the sock photograph too :)


So FUN! :) Are you going to do another candy buffet post!! I want to see YOURS!!!!!!! :)