Monday, January 14, 2008

Made My Day

Lately this whole wedding planning "thing" has not been as enjoyable as I imagined. Granted everything is pretty much done and booked, but now what remains are the pesky little details, following up with non-responsive vendors, and waiting for everything to come together. Last Friday, after a week of all work (58 hours from Monday-Friday) and no play in Nashville, TN I had resolved to just take a break from blogging and wedding planning for a week or so in hopes of regaining some of my life back.
But then I woke up on Saturday morning and I had an e-mail from Stacey Kane waiting for me. Yes. THE Stacey Kane.

(Stacey captured this photo when the bride & the groom realized their checkbook was missing & the caterer needed to be paid!)

Allow me to share a couple sentences Stacey wrote after she read #4 on this post:

"...It was during my overnight marathon comforting (my son who was sick) that I stumbled across your blog....and after a very long day and warmed my heart and made me smile. My initial reaction was actually disbelief...."is she really talking about me?". I absolutely adore my job and it means the world to me when others appreciate my work."

This blog began as a way for me to gather inspiration for our wedding and perhaps become a part of weddingbee , but it has turned into so much more than that. I have come across some fabulous people through my blog: from someone that is willing to help me design my invites, to a potential day-of-coordinator, to lots of readers everyday that post helpful and insightful comments. So its little things that have gotten me out of my blogging slump lately. Things like the kind e-mail from Stacey Kane, BUYING my dress earlier today, and getting an e-mail from weddingbee that they will be reviewing my application to become a bee in a couple months!

So I'm back to blogging (even though I never went away). This week I'll be posting on ideas for our save the date cards, supplies for our invitations, our finished website, and a new poll. Get excited!


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

awww! that's awesome!

Linda said...

Very cool. It nice to know that people are reading what you write! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the weddingbee app!

saundra said...

Hang in there Jess...the process is like a marathon! I've missed reading your blog!!! Just got back from Atlanta and need to update mine!