Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Perhaps a Stargazer Lilly

So my original thought was to do black BM dresses with white bouquets and black GM tuxes with pearl or plum vests. Very black and white-ish. But the fiance has a different vision. He wanted to see more of a "pop" with color. So, to compromise the thought is BM dresses with plum or raspberry flowers to add the splash of color.

Go figure, plum flowers are impossible to obtain and would most likely blend into the black dresses in pictures. And there aren't many raspberry flowers either. But then we found the stargazer lilly. The florist said that she could airbrush the center plum and attempt to obtain the most raspberry looking stargazer she can find.

The BMs would carry a bouquet of three or four of these stargazer lilly's and the bouquets could be tied with either a black or plum ribbon. The GM's would have a "white" rose for their boutonnieres and wear either pearl or plum vests or ties.

So, what do you think of the not-so-raspberry stargazer lilly? Obviously it is a beautiful flower. But, I'm not sure if it is what I wanted. I think that I fell so in love with the "black and white with the splash of plum" color scheme that part of me is aching that my color palette is turning more towards "raspberry with a dash of everything else".


2008Bride said...

That is a beaultiful flower for sure. But if you aren't happy with the raspberry color scheme, you should do what you love. Go with the plum. There are gorgous purple calla lilies out there. Heres a pic I found with a quick Google search.
You could also do lilacs or hydrangea or gladiola or orchids or even pansies.

And if you mix the plum flowers with white flowers, or make them a light plum rather than a deep plum, that will make sure the plum color pops against the black dresses.

But do what you love. I'm sure your fiance would be happy with whatever makes you happy. He wouldn't want you to be disapointed on your special day!!!

saundra said...

the stargazer is an awesome flower. i was shocked when we used it for one of my weddings (i had never been a big fan)

here's the thing; black/white/plum with a splash of raspberry. you don't have to jst use three colors. you can do an inspiration color board to show him and yourself to see if it looks good.

Darci said...

I love the idea of still throwing some raspberry in there...have you seen the jcrew dresses that are on sale?

Bellissima Vita said...

The lilies def. come more raspberry. Check out part way down at the lily arrangement for the program table here: