Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ordering the BMs

In my opinion, there is this sort-of unspoken understanding between BMs that where you stand in line has a direct correlation with how close you are to the bride. Right?! I feel as though its almost a competition to see who is standing closest to the bride on the big day. Let's face it, no one wants to pay upwards of $200 on a BM dress to stand at the end of the line in all of the pictures and at the bottom of the steps at the church and watch from afar.

(both photos from the fabulous portfolio of bobbi + mike)

"Ordering" the BMs is no fun or easy task...especially when family members (and future in-laws) are thrown into the line-up alongside a mix of old and new friends. Some brides solve this dilemma by simply ordering their wedding party by height. But, that simple solution doesn't work for everyone. And I mean come can't be THAT easy can it?! How did you or how will you order your bridal party?

I asked Chris the other day if, being the groom, he felt any pressures to line-up his groomsmen in any particular way. And he gave me one of those weird looks like I was speaking in bride gibberish. Does your/did your groom have any particular reason behind how his boys will be/were lined up?


Linda said...

Yeah, I've been thinking about this too. I have a maid of honor and a matron of honor. I'm considering having the maid closest to me, but I feel bad about the matron being second.
My FI has 4 groomsmen. I have no idea how he's going to order them!

Julia said...

Hmm, I was one of the most detail oriented brides out there and I didn't worry too much about this. I had my MOH next to me, Best Man next to DH. But after that, our line ups had to do with height. Maybe that makes me MORE psycho, huh?

I also had to be careful so two of my BMs weren't matched up with their ex boyfriends on the groomsmen side.

So all in all, I made the matches and ordering based on a rough estimate of height and NOT on importance. I think it can get messy if you do it that way, and honestly....being in pictures at the end of the line up really isn't the worst thing. They still get to show off that $200 dress either way!

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

I only had two. My sister and Elizabeth. Lining was super easy. :-)

i love being mrs. r said...

i had my 3 sisters and 2 of my close girlfriends in my wedding party. one of my friends was the matron of honor, then it went my other friend and then my sisters in order by age (from oldest to youngest).

if they are in your wedding, they should realize they are important, regardless of the stance in the line. just because your last in line, doesn't mean you're like the least, it just happens to work out that way.

i wouldn't worry too much about it. if someone is going to put up a big fuss to where they stand, then let them know there will be plenty of room in the pew section.

meg said...

Weird as it may be, it's actually my groom who is worried about this. He is worried about the corresponding attendants from each side liking eachother. Maybe I'm a jerk, but I don't really care if they become best friends during the 10 seconds their arms will be linked. We're also planning on going boy girl at the head table instead of all girls and all boys on each side, which I think takes some of the pressure off.