Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shades and/or Shade

Yesterday I posted about how I love the little details of the big day...like the groom's surprisingly striped socks! Today, I move onto another detail...shades and/or shade.
Chris and his groomsmen are all big fans of aviators. Apparently "chicks" flock to them in droves while they are sporting the shades. Whatever. Point being that I can totally see Chris and his groomsmen doing something like this on our wedding day:

(photo via bobbi + mike)

I suppose I will let them have their fun. P.S. love the idea of alternating tie colors between the guys. I'm assuming given the choice between a plum tie or a raspberry tie, most of them would go for the raspberry....they like to think they are metro.

And while I, myself, will not be sporting the aviators on the big day, I did give this type of shade a thought:

(photo via evoke photography)

And then I realized that our wedding is in downtown Indianapolis and seriously, for so many reasons, there is no need for any amount of parasols. I surprised myself with how many anti-parasol thoughts I came up with. (Think eye injury, weird stares from onlookers for having a parasol downtown, an extra $7 per parasol into the budget, etc) But what are the girls going to do for shade? Maybe I'll just have the BM's wear matching aviators. Inside the church. During the ceremony. No?

Did any of you/will any of you be incorporating shades or shade as a fun little detail into your wedding day?

(So as to not offend: I personally do like the idea of a parasol...in the proper setting. For example, a country wedding, a wedding in the South, etc. Just not one in downtown Indianapolis. The parasols just aren't necessary)

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April said...

We didn't incorporate any "color" but I wish we would have. I LOVE the idea of colorful socks or non traditional shoes.