Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poll: How Do We Get There!?

Most of the "major" decisions surrounding our wedding day have already been made, contracts signed, and a sigh of relief uttered. But now we're on to the more tedious tasks....some of which I didn't know would cause such a headache.
For example, trying to figure out how to get a bridal party of possibly 16 people including the bride & groom from the hotel (getting ready area) to the pre-ceremony picture location, to the church, and back to the hotel for the reception. Ugh. My head is already starting to hurt.
Here are our options:

(top 2: Jessica Strickland, bottom l: bobbi and mike, bottom r: our photog Nicole Green)

1. 18 passenger stretch hummer limo

2. 21-28 passenger sleek, black, minibus

3. 16-20 passenger trolley

4. a hot rod/antique car/sports car for the Fiance and I

I'm leaning towards just renting an amazing car for the two of us to drive around in the day of the wedding and have the rest of the bridal party get to and from the venues w/ their significant others and their own carpool arrangements. It's the most logical and cost-efficient option we have at this point. I think that we'll like the time we'll have to ourselves when we're driving together. On the other hand, we know we would have some memorable moments with our bridal party if we were all together and driving around town.

What are your thoughts?! What did you do/are you going to do about transportation on your wedding day!? Vote now on the poll on the top left side of the blog and leave a comment too, we appreciate all of your thoughtful input!

{Results: 21 votes. stretch hummer limo: 2, the minibus: 1, a trolley: 7, a classy car perfect for the bride and groom: 11}

{Update: we're leaning towards the classy car for the 2 of us!}


Linda said...

I would recommend getting something chauffeurred at least for you two. You don't want to argue about parking and being stuck in traffic on your wedding day. If someone else is doing the driving you won't notice those things.
At least make sure your BP has a ride even if they carpool. I was in a wedding once were the bride didn't think to tell us that we had no transportation home from the reception and we were 30 miles from our hotel. Luckily I was able to coerce a friend into driving me home!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of having everyone in one vehicle. It's more convenient for the bridal party members... and it can be a lot of fun. Perhaps more importantly, however, it allows you to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. It prevents slow-poke bridesmaids who want to primp a little too long, stops the wild groomsmen from making an impromptu beer run or trip to Taco Bell, ensures no one gets lost in an unfamiliar city ... you get the picture ;) GL!!

i love being mrs. r said...

i was thinking about the same thing when i was getting thought on it was though, what happens if someone in your wedding party has car trouble?
if this happens, you'd have no way of knowing.

plus, if you are all together, you know exactly where everyone is and you won't be waiting impatiently for someone to arrive to the pre-ceremony pictures...or even worse, the actual ceremony.

we rented a large bus...think greyhound...bus trip to chicago. ours sat 40 some people...i had a wedding party of 12 + 2 ushers. it gave everyone a chance to spread out and the best didn't have to try to climb into a limo (regardless if it's a hummer or not) and sit and slide all the way to the front.

it was a lot more comfortable..and the great cost me a only $400 for 3 hours (that's all i needed it for). plus where i rented it from, they had plain white buses, with no logos stretched across the side.

good luck to you.

Big Shot said...

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