Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Poll: How to "Save It"?

The design for our wedding invitations has begun. Amen. But, it dawned on me that it's about time to send out our save-the-dates!!
The poll today asks the question: Should we do a picture save-the-date or a standard save-the date?

I vote the picture save-the-date because:
- All of our guests will stare at our beautiful faces in the picture from March when we send them out until our wedding in September if we send it out as a fridge magnet. hehe.
- The picture save-the-date is trendy..."everyone is doing it."

But I vote the cardstock save-the-date because:
- We don't have a GREAT photo that I am ready and willing to send out for everyone to stare at for months on end. Our engagement shoot won't be until April or later so a professional pict is out unless we can have one of our groomsman's fiance take a couple quick shots!
- A cute postcard could be created into a save-the-date that matches our invitation suite.

What should we do!? What did you do? What is your favorite save-the-date style?
{Results: 21 votes. with our pretty faces: 11, without: 10}
{Update: we went with our pretty little faces on the front of our save the dates. love it.}


April said...

I love how personal the picture Save the Date is...I think overall, people enjoy getting pictures. We did a magnet. My thoughts behind it were that a magnet will go on the refridgerator and will serve as a reminder where as a postcard may be plased in a pile and forgotten.

Jessica said...

We did a magnet with two different designs, one with a picture and one without. Family got the picture magnet and friends got the non-picture magnet. We felt the non-picture design was a little more trendy and that our families would appreciate the picture more.

Linda said...

If you had a great picture of you two now I would say go with the picture. But since you don't and won't have one right away, you might want to go with the non picture.
I didn't use a picture (cause I didn't have one) and I kind of used the same style that we're using for our invites.

Shawna said...

A professional pic could easily be arranged!!!

Chitown Bride said...

We did a magnet and I have to say it was a big hit among our family. I agree with other folks...the postcard can easily get lost in a pile. But I do like the vintage postcards that I have seen!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

hmmmm. honestly, i'm not sold on the picture, but i think it is actually *because* everyone is doing it. then again, i agree with everyone else that a postcard doesn't "pop" as much. but i think overall i'd go with the non-picture one, but that's just me.

Kristi said...

I also didn't have a picture yet for my Save the Dates. I got engaged in October and wanted to wait until the spring for my engagement session. I decided to do something creative that didn't require a picture. I toyed with the idea of sending pencils that said "Pencil in 8/9/08 Keith and Kristi are getting married Atlanta, Ga"

I ended up designing and making custom luggage tags with our information. About 85% of our guest at OOT. I am mailing them this week, but so far the response from the people that have seen them is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the picture...even though I already have your date saved, I'd love a picture of the 2 of you to put on my refrigerator...i think it's a cute idea