Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To Tie It All Together

In order to tie some details together, I am in need of some raspberry ribbon. Preferably in bulk and thus cheaper. Raspberry ribbon is about to become my new accessory until September since it will be coming into play in almost every aspect of the wedding. Seriously. Around the vases at the reception, on the stems of the BMs bouquets, wrapped around the invitations, and even on the BM's flip flops they will be wearing during the reception.

The BMs in this picture all have black dresses with matching black flip flops threaded with pink ribbon. You can find instructions on how to incorporate the ribbon here. I think it adds a cute dainty detail that makes the flip flops a little more feminine.

(picture taken from an inspiration board at Style Me Pretty from the work of yvette roman photography. )

The ribbon around the reception vases, invitations, and BM bouquets will most likely be 1'' or 1.5'' wide satin ribbon. So far the following internet sites are my only possibilities:

Are there any other sites I should visit to in search of raspberry ribbon to tie it all together?!


rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

Online: jkmribbon.com or ribbonfactory.com. In person, find a local ribbon shop (if Birmingham has one, you will), Paper Source is good too but only has basic colors. I used the blossom and chocolate for mine and loved it. Great quality.

Tara said...

I was also going to mention http://www.jkmribbon.com... ribbon jar has a cute site but I don't think it necessary has the lowest prices.

I am using blossom from Paper Source on my invitations and favors...

soon-to-be Mrs. Ish said...

www.mjtrim.com is a good site for ribbon and other trims.

Julia said...

yes: Ribbontrade.com and Romanticflowers.com.

I'm not sure of their possible sizes but I got my gown sash there, and some other tiny ribbons for my girls' necklaces there. I think I chose Romanticflowers after much consideration.

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