Monday, January 7, 2008

Reassess & Reaffirm the Scheme

Our Knot page says that we have a little over 260 days until our wedding. Although those numbers are exciting, they are also a little scary and intimidating. The whole planning process is coming to a close faster than I can fathom and I feel as though I need to reassess/reaffirm my theme/scheme/inspiration.
And so I give you my updated snippet of an inspiration board of "A Black and White Soiree...With a Splash of Plum and Raspberry":

1. Our photographer Nicole Green took this shot of a couple standing in the middle of the street in downtown Indianapolis. I already cannot wait to see our pictures!!
2. Every other table at the reception will have lots of candlelight from floating candles in an assortment of tall and short vases. The light will complement the glow from the two 10 foot chandeliers on the ceiling.
3. Want. her. hair. Shot by Jasmine Star, couple: Janelle and Greg
4. I found this bouquet on the blog of Evoke Photography . I love the full rounded look and of the all white bouquet and would like to accent mine with hand-tied ribbon and a locket with pictures of my grandparents.
5. Our monogram from elucky designs that will be used on our invitations, floral arrangements, and whatever else I can paste it on!
6. The look of the black tux, white tie, white shirt for the groom is so classic. Perhaps with a flower from my white bouquet for his boutonniere? Picture from Stoneblossom Floral Design.
7. What a picture perfect cake with a black ribbon and accented with a broach (that could match my dress!) Photo found at: e lucky designs blog
8. I would like to use these white flowers found on the classic bride blog for the short arrangements on the other half of the tables at the reception.
9. These black dress from j. crew would look divine on my BM’s. I want one too!
10. I am toying with the idea of candy buffet in place of your typical favor. Photo from Pearls Events blog
10. Bobbi & Mike are local Indianapolis photographers that snagged this shot of a couple exchanging rings at the alter. It's probably staged, but I still love it.
11. Flowers via an excited bride blog that I will pay an insane amount to have my BM’s carry.
Center: Our church via Turtle Pond Photography

Now I feel like I'm getting somewhere!


aletha @ pearls events said...

Gorgeous board! (the photo from my board is by Jen Kroll Photography.)

Tara said...

very pretty! i love that you posted why each image was included...

Bobbi said...

i saw a link coming in from this blog on my hit counter so I thought I'd come by. Just thought I'd let you know that that shot is not staged :)

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Have a great oh eight!


jessica lynn said...

no way! i cannot believe that shot wasn't staged. i suppose that's one more reason why you are one of the best photographers in indianapolis =)