Monday, October 29, 2007

Change is in the Air

You may have noticed a few major changes to my blog today!
I am going to re-focus my pre-planning efforts to focus on my new "A Black & White Affair" and put "Tying the Knot" on hold (until I change my mind again!).

Any thoughts on the layout of my "new" blogger page would be much appreciated! Black v. white v. plum background? And I would like to incorporate a splash of color on here somewhere too! If anyone knows of a somewhat easy way to incorporate a damask patten on my blog header...send it my way!

I'll be back to posting regularly this evening,,,,


pearls events said...

I noticed the new look earlier! Love it! You can make a little header in photoshop (you may have already done this, but it won' load for some reason) :)

jessica lynn said...

Ok, I think I;m done with all the editing....what do you think?! Should I keep the plum background?

Elizabeth said...

I love the new look!!

pearls events said...

Love it too!