Monday, October 15, 2007

Finding the Save-the-Dates

The other day I was searching for save-the-dates. Of course, I had quite a few requirements for my save-the-dates:
1. Fit into my "tying the knot"/nautical theme in one way or another.
2. A main color of navy

3. A picture of the two of us is a must
4. Feature the phrase "We're Tying the Knot"
5. Be somewhat affordable.

Although I haven't had much luck at my first go-around, I did find this save-the-date at Then Comes Marriage :

I love the design, fonts, and all the pictures! However, the chocolate brown bars aren't anywhere close to my theme/scheme.

And then through The Knot, I found Aletha at Pearls Events who told me that she might be able to help me design the invites that I raved about in one of my most recent posts. I cannot wait to hear back from her!
Any other thoughts on a save-the-date that would fit my requirements?


Lucky Designs said...

The save-the-date is very cute! If you are going to continue with a nautical theme, a knot from a boat might be a good graphic to include.

Darci said...

If you want some help when the time comes around, just let me know! I am a part-time graphic designer & am going to design my own invites & save the dates. I would be happy to help!