Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rants and Raves

Rant: I am thinking about changing my color scheme and dropping the "tying the knot" theme. So sad. Tomorrow's post will feature the details of my new color pallet/idea. But it is somewhat inspired by the board below (from Snippet & Ink) and this knot bio.

Rave: C and I have set a tentative date!! SO EXCITING!! Annnnd we went ring BROWSING. Making progress!!
Rant: The date might change if the photographer I have already found is not available that day.
Rave: The company I work for gives a great service to its employees...a concierge! Last week I had the concierge service look up catholic churches in downtown Indianapolis for me. I received a detailed list back from within two days and I didn't have to lift a finger! I plan on using them to look up reception halls next!
Rant: My search is now on for a wedding website. So many options! Any thoughts or recommendations!? Maybe a project for the concierge!
Rave: I am in love with the monograms from Lucky Me! I can't wait to order one!!


No Bridezilla said...

I actually used Wedding Tracker ( I liked it because it lets you do your own domain name so I did our first names as the website. It cost 60 bucks for the year, but I got a coupon for 30 bucks off in one of the magazines (InStyle...I think - I can send you the coupon if you like). There is another one that would be really good too that I can pass along just can't remember off the top of my head.

Love your blog!

ks2026 said...

Ha! I have to say, it's pretty funny that you're changing your color scheme, because I just posted a navy and green board with you in mind. Take a look and see if it changes your mind. :)

pearls events said...

I cannot wait to hear about your new colors and theme. This board is gorgeous and I'm sure anything you pick will be amazing :) How is the invite coming along? Also--exciting about possibly having a date (Jessica Strickland is amazing, and I would change my wedding date for her as well!)

Oh, and I love SpringChic's bio. WHO doesn't love Palm Springs retro chic?

boutiquegirl said...

As far as wedding websites go, I've looked at a lot of them and my favorite is They have a ton of themes and colors you can choose from and they are easy to use. I'm a wedding planner by profession and it's what I recommend to clients because I know from experience that they're reputable.