Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rants and Raves

And its time for another Rants and Raves session!

Rave: I just found Mrs. KerCo's Bio on The Knot and I am in l-o-v-e with her invitations and save the dates...which were only $.93 each!!

(photo of KerCo's invitations from her knot bio.)

I would even trade out the ribbon for the rope for my tying the knot theme! Can I sub in our names/color scheme/info and send it all off to the printers to be able to cross stationary and save the dates off my to-do list?

Rant: My to-do list is growing by the minute
Rave: I found this tote that you can customize with different colors. I love the's much more nautical! Now I don't know what tote I will gift my BM's with!

Rant: I cannot find navy tablecloth runners ANYWHERE!

Rave: I found Glamour This today. What a great find! And Lucky Me! has become one of my new fav's. And of course Sarah from Toast and Tables gave me some extra inspiration this week....thanks again!


classic bride said...

omg, i'm so going to have to check out those invites! and i love the l.l. bean tote idea -- exactly what i've been thinking for the girls, too! the monogram seems to make it personal and you can fill them with fun things. :o)

Lucky Designs said...

Thanks for stopping by! Don't give up on your blue/green color scheme. I think it will all come together beautifully.

Pearls Events said...

Hi! I found your blog because you posted on the Grand Rapids, MI knot board, and I wanted to say that my sister is the one who designed those corner graphics for MrsKerCo's invite.

I used it on my invite first, and lots of other girls have asked for it as well. If you have any more questions about the actual graphic, please let me know :) I'd be happy to pass on my sisters info.

Happy Planning! (knottie MrsPinkAJV)