Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rants and Raves

I decided that a great new addition to my blog would be a post called Rants & Raves. You know, just a way for me to rant & rave and for others to have to listen to my rants and maybe become inspired by my raves!
So here it goes...
Rant: I cannot book a photographer, church, or a reception hall without a date! I'm not really raving about this, I suppose if I wasn't "pre-planning," I wouldn't have this issue to "rant" about!! But when I can book a photographer, it will be Jessica Strickland . I mean, how could you pass this up:

Rave: My favorite blogs never cease to disappoint me when they post something FABULOUS each and every day. An Excited Bride made this post yesterday and proved that you can get a J. Crew (bridesmaids) dress from ebay for about $40....made my night!
Rant: Some of my fellow bloggers have been falling behind...where are you!? I miss your posts and the inspiration that you use to give me everyday!
Rave: Coke Zero. Tastes just like Coke, not like diet, and 0 calories....amen.
Rant: When you search for navy and green wedding colors/schemes on google, it gives you the UGLIEST pictures. I won't even post them they are so nasty.
Rave: My new favorite bloggers: Snippet & Ink, Perfect Bound, and Living the Swell Life!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shot out! We actually bought the dresses directly from J.Crew for that price! :)

I totally agree with you about the navy and green ugly picture dilemma. I'm sort of giving up hope on that scheme. Although, I love the idea of doing bright green granny smith apples as a place card! A little pop of green goes a long way.

Love your blog!

Lucky Designs said...

I love Jessica Strickland's pictures! Try searching for brown and green details - then navy would nicely replace the brown. Check out Cnickler's bio on the knot.

No Bridezilla said...

Love Jessica Strickland. I also had some searching on photographers in the same area. Some other really good ones was and Studio This Is I actually booked studio for my wedding. But Jessica looks really good too!