Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not Funny

Normally I like to think that I have some pretty great friends. Not after tonight.
Two of my friends played a mean and cruel joke on me. I won't name names, but they are in the picture below. And they are both sitting next to each other on the couch. On the right. And their initials might just be TF and CS aka mean friends.

We were partaking in our weekly ritual of watching Grey's Anatomy and gossiping when I notice their friend (J) has a HUGE rock on a very important finger. Of course, I interrupted the convo immediately and asked her what her gorgeous new accessory was as I gushed over the ring. She told us their story, how their engagement happend, etc.

After Grey's we were all talking about my friend K's wedding and I was getting excited about all things wedding related when CS busted out laughing and made TF tell me that everything about their friend's engagement was untrue and only staged (with a fake ring) because they knew that I would see it, stare at it, and then demand to discuss wedding plans.

And I fell right into their little trap. That's the last time I invite those two over for McSteamy & a bottle of wine. To top it off, I told them that I was going to blog about the cruel trick they played and CS shouted "Yesssssss!!!" And so CS, here is my post to you and your mean roommate TF who played a mean, mean joke on an un-engaged girl. Don't toy with my pre-planning unengaged emotions like that.

But I still love you both. And now CS, your life long dream of being featured on my blog is complete.

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Pearls Events said...

That is NOT funny for a girl with wedding-on-the-brain. Sounds like a fun night, though. I watched Grey's as well and really do enjoy that show. :) Have a great day!