Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Request the Honor of Your....Input

Tonight I went for my first attempt at my DIY invitation.

I'll post it first and then chat/blog about it...(excuse the editing that cut off the top right corner graphic & I edited out our full names and changed the date...but you get the idea!)

  • The backing will be navy blue and the actual card stock will be white with navy printing as shown.
  • Not too sure about the exact shade of green I will be using....or if I want to change the green text into silver or gold...
  • I would like to turn the back of the invitations into where our rsvp, directions, accommodations, and reception cards will be housed, like KerCo's invitations I mentioned in a previous post. (You will have to check out the end of her bio to see the back of the invites!)
  • In keeping with KerCo's invitations, I would like to replace her beautiful ribbon with a thin white nautical nylon rope to wrap the invitations in and coordinate with the "tying the knot theme."
  • I am still struggling with a way to use my "we're tying the knot" saying/theme into the invitations without making it tacky since I want to keep my invitations elegant and clean. Perhaps some sort of a tag affixed to the rope like KerCo attached to the ribbon:

John & Jane Guest

"we're tying the knot!"

  • The corner graphic is taken straight from KerCo's invitation and supplied to me by Knottie MrsPinkAJV (find her on the Grand Rapids, MI board!) You can also find other corner graphics at istockphoto .

Any input on the current design, how to make it better, or other thoughts/ideas would be much appreciated!


Pearls Events said...

Hey Jessica,
I think they look pretty good, but I'm not going to lie--there is a LOT going on! The two colors, the two fonts AND the graphics (which look lovely, by the way). I think it's just because I'm a more "less is more" kind-of gal, though. I am going to send you a copy of my invite, just so you have something to compare with. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Jessica - why not get rid of the corners, and replace with a simple "knot" - that way you don't really need to say it, and it ties into your theme. That way you can use the knot in all of your other stationery - menu, programs, thank you cards, RSVP, etc.

I'll look for a simple invitation with a 'knot' - I remember seeing one and it looked beautifully classic and of course, "nautical!"

Pearls Events said...

Ooh, excited bride makes a good point--change out the corners for a simple knot. Great idea! :) Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

Have you seen the Vera Wang knot?

I just copied it and now I am going to use it on my reception cards that will be included with the invitation. The invite will be classic looking and the theme will still be inlcuded. My invites are Kate Spade, so to save money on the other things included, the paper store that I'm using is going to print everything else to match the invite (white & navy) and include the knot.

I am also using this knot on the menu, ceremony programs, etc! Hope that helped!

Lucky Designs said...

My 2 cents...All your printing in navy blue with navy blue backing. Then add a green ribbon to hold all your inserts on the back. I did a design similar to KerCo's invitation too. Feel free to check it out. (They are at the very beginning of the slideshow.)


jessicalynn402 said...

YAY! Thank you all for your comments...keep them coming!
I do like the idea of a simple knot somewhere on the invite (maybe the corner graphic is too busy for my invite/not in tune with my tying the knot theme).
And now I am toying around with the idea my friend from LUCKY DESIGNS gave as using a green ribbon instead of the white nylon rope to tie around the invite. I am concerned that any sort of thick rope will make the invite envelope buldge and rip in the mail.
Keep the ideas coming!

Anonymous said...

Check out - Brown Sugar Design - and look at Susanna & Emannuel's invites - they have a wreath, which you could replace with a knot and use it throughout!

I'll keep looking for you!

Good luck!