Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheating on my Photographer-to-Be

As I mentioned before, I am thisclose to booking Jessica Strickland as my photographer. She is one of the first photographers I looked into and I am in love with her work. But I have one problem with her, she doesn't update her blog twice a day...not even once a day!!! I don't think that I'm asking too much! I mean have you seen her work!? Phenomenal. I check her blog at least twice a day.

So to cope, I have started turning to other photographers blogs ohhh and ahhh over as I wait for Jessica to post again!
I'm not sure which one of the blogs that I read daily pointed me to Jasmine Star , but check out these AMAZING photos:

The one above is hilarious! I want 4 flower girls and ring bearers just to get this pict!
The board below is for those of you that are entertaining a pink and brown theme!

And now, a little inspiration for myself! I love how simple and beautiful the white table linens and chairs are with the gold background and the centerpieces with the creative branch-y centerpiece.

all photos in this post are from the lens of Jasmine Star


Darci said...

ooooh, I agree, Jasmine is amazing!

pearls events said...

Those beautiful black & white linens that are on the top of you b&w inspiration board were originally shot by Jasmine. AMAZING WORK! :)

Lucky Designs said...

I know this adding fuel to the fire, but check out knottie brittmurch's bio. It is a beautiful navy and green wedding!