Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little Things

I recently got to see my Aunt and Uncle and of course a little wedding talk came up. She told me this cute little story about how, at her wedding, a guest looked at her watch and wrote down the time the pastor/priest pronounced them husband and wife. The wedding program she wrote it on was later handed to my Aunt for her to keep. My Aunt has always treasured knowing the exact time (2:22pm) they became husband and wife.

How precious would it be to get a note book like the one below from White Aisle and fill the pages with wedding/love related quotes, thoughts about the bride and grooms wedding, well wishes and then saving the last page to write down the time that they were pronounced husband and wife. What a thoughtful little gift that could later be attached to the wedding present.
If you're like me, you cry at every wedding when the bride walks down the aisle...even if you don't really know her. Having the ushers hand these tissue holders to the female guests as they are escorted to their seats would be much appreciated!

Both images from this post were taken from White Aisle.

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Lisa from Blush said...

Looooove these ideas! And the intro to White Aisle, I'd never heard of it. And,... thanks for the comment on my blog!