Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Toast and Tables

And just when I needed inspiration the most I saw that Sarah Dennis at Toast and Tables had received an e-mail asking to be inspired from a bride-to-be named Elizabeth whom is also planning a navy/green/and white color scheme for her wedding. And this is what Sarah whipped up:

The picture in the middle is my FAVORITE. How cute and charming are those striped navy and white napkin ties?!

I had begun to veto the idea of having any shade of blue flowers in my wedding, but the three flower setting above would look amazing on the tables at the reception...perhaps on a white tablecloth with a navy runner?

Thank you Sarah!!


Sarah Dennis said...

Oh Jessica you're welcome! I know you really love the blue/green color combination and you were thinking about changing it because you didn't think it would work.

It works! It works! If you love this duo, stick with it. I knew you would love those navy and white striped napkin holders!

I can feel the creative ideas stirring in your head. Can't wait to see what ideas you're cookin'up!

Zane Wooder said...

I love the striped navy ties.