Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Perfect Table

In starting from scratch, I will I begin the search for my black & white table decorations with this picture from Jasmine Star :

I love the idea of a damask table runner on black or white linens. I took a cue from Darci at With This Ring , and have found some pretty inexpensive fabric ($6.95/yard + free shipping) at Buy Fabrics for my table runners:

I also love the idea from the picture below of taking a thick ribbon and tying it around the table if the linens are long. A plum ribbon perhaps!? I am also envisioning tying a thick plum ribbon around the backs of every other chair at the reception and perhaps around the vases that hold white centerpieces.

DIY Bride features black chalkboard votives that you can personalize any way you would like, perhaps with the words "love" "trust" "luck" "hold" etc.

And, of course, one can always look to Toast and Tables for inspiration!

So, to re-cap:

- Damask runner on white or black linens (maybe every other table will alternate between the two linens?!)

- White centerpieces in tall(er) vases wrapped with plum ribbon...or perhaps 2 or 3 arrangements of white flowers of varying heights/vases arranged in the middle of the table.

-4-6 Black chalkboard votives personalized with love-related words

-Plum, or copper, ribbon wrapped around every other chair and perhaps the middle of the linen drape as shown above.

- Betting on white plates and black napkins provided by the venue and hoping for white chairs!

Any other thoughts/advice/pictures you would like to share?!


Elizabeth said...

I love your new ideas! Its a good thing you started early, sometimes I get an urge to change colors but its sorta too late now! I think the black and white damask runners will look great with the plum!!

Lucky Designs said...

I posted this for Darci too - this wall is amazing.


(It looks like there is green carpet too - that would be perfect for my nursery!)

barbiencsu said...

You should definitely check out BBJ Linens - they did a plum table cloth with a Black and White Damask table runner for a custom event in Chicago. It was featured in their catalog which you should be able to pulll up online. I actually found christmas tree skirts in B&W damask that I had made into table center pieces to go on top of my green linens since we have 120" rounds that already provided by the venue.

luminary07 said...

let me know if you will sell your table runners when you are done, as I have had a terrible time finding them elsewhere (and I am not good with a sewing machine)
luminary07 at aol.com

Miranda said...

Let me know if you're interested in selling any of your wedding stuff. This includes table runners, anything black & white or anything with a damask print.


Miranda said...

Ooops. I guess you would need contact info if you were interested in selling anything.


Kathy said...

babiencsu...Where did you find the B&W damask tree skirts?

Zane Wooder said...

I love the green ribbon you rapped around the tables. Look so elegant and cute.


Peter Cummins said...

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