Friday, October 12, 2007

Surfing for Inspiration

Last night I was surfing for inspiration and I came across the Delightful Blogs listing.
Delightful Blogs puts together a listing of the most fabulous wedding blogs and many of my favorite daily reads are listed!
One of my new favorites is Bellissima Vita and check out She Walks in Beauty for some great inspiration! I found these mini cakes on She Walks in Beauty:

But then I found these candles and I will find a way to incorporate them into my wedding, perhaps around the cake table?

So, for the handful of readers that visit my blog, I hope that you have found some new daily reads thanks to Delightful Blogs.

And I must mention, to my friends (you know who you are and I love you all!) who snicker when I tell you about my blog/start talking about the "pre-planning" I have done before my engagement: you should be thankful that I have started planning so early....otherwise I wouldn't be able to stop talking your ear off about it when I do get engaged and have less than a year to plan. Annnnd when you get ready to get married, you can thank me again as you come to my blog and gather inspiration. I'll be waiting for your thank you card in the mail.


Anonymous said...

I vote for skinny cow cakes!!!!!!!

Darci said...

Jessica, your blog is great! Thanks for commenting on mine. I vote that you stick with the navy blue/green theme...I strongly considered that myself along with the nautical details, since we're getting married on a lake! I am still toying with it actually, so we'll see :) It cracks me up that you're not quite engaged yet, you'll be ready to go when the time comes!

Flo said...

Hey Jessica! Just came across your blog via Toast & Tables and thought I'd let you know about the "Ladies in Waiting" forum that I thought you might like :)

Pricescope: Ladies in Waiting <-- It's kinda fun to see other girls going through "Pre-Proposal Syndrom" and know that you're not alone. Hope you enjoy it!

Bellissima Vita said...

Thank you! I love your blog too.