Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The "Pre-Planning" Stage

I like to call my current stage in the wedding planning process the "pre-planning" stage. As in, I'm not yet engaged, but I'm planning like a fiend!! Here's a status update:

Accomplished in the pre-planning process thus far:
- tentative date set
- my half of the wedding party is set, but not yet being revealed
- dead set on bridesmaids dresses from j. crew
- one step away from booking Jessica Strickland as my photographer
- in possession of a list of 10 churches in the downtown area
- ideas swirling for an invitation and save the date design,
- planning on engagement picts being taken in early April

Waiting on C to pop the question before:
- drafting a guest list
- deciding on a location (downtown or north of Indianapolis ), church, and reception hall
- selecting the his half of the wedding party & ushers
- deciding on a theme:
“tying the knot” : blue, green, nautical white rope

OR “a black & white affair” : black, white, plum, and a speck of gold

both pictures taken from knottie wtbe07's bio

Stuck on:
- An affordable wedding website…that will let my guests RSVP on-line

- Designing the invites myself v. using a template from
Not From a Box,
My Gatsby,
Uniquity Invitations

Note: For a great wedding timeline/planning tool, download Mrs. Daffodil's Timeline from Weddingbee!


emahlee said...

your blog is too cute! and I can totally empathize with your (pre-)planning jitters... I'm recently engaged but I had a desired date, venue, photographer and colours "chosen" months before the proposal. the hardest thing was talking about weddings and having all these plans, but not being able to finalize anything because we weren't "officially" engaged yet!... men, why must they take their time when it's inevitable?

good luck with the pre-planning and hope your C pops the question real soon so you can have some piece of mind.

Chere Amie said...

OMG - you are hilarious! I love you for admitting to all of the above. My two cents: design your invitations yourself. It's insanely time consuming, but one of the most fulfilling things I did for the wedding. I covet my invitations, simply beause of all of the house spent crafting at the dining room table! Good luck!!!

Chere Amie said...

I'm using a new teeny tiny laptop so that's supposed to be hours - not house!

audraj06 said...

I am TOTALLY in the same boat. I have ideas for almost everything as well as a vision for the wedding party, but at this point I'm just trying to be patient as I know it will happen.

I LOVE the black and white. I myself am looking into black, white, and red but who knows what will really happen :D.

Keep pluggin away!