Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Copy {Click} and Paste {Volume 1}

Tying the Knot's first series of posts! Dedicated to those striking images photographers manage to capture that I somehow wish we could copy {click} & paste into our special day in September.

These images caught my eyes earlier this week. They go from adorable to stunning to breathtaking to charming. I want them all.

(above: the adorable picture I mentioned. below: the stunning picture I mentioned. it's a framer.)
(above: the breathtaking shot of her gorgeous train. below: the charming bride)
(all images via mthree studio katie & dave's wedding)

Note to our photographer, Nicole: you are responsible for the {click}ing that will enable us to copy and paste these images (of us!) into our wedding album...hope you're up for the challenge!
Stay tuned for more of the copy {click} & paste blog series!


Tiffanym522 said...

Jessica, I am an avid blog reader of yours. I am in the wedding industry and love reading all of the things you find. However post like this make me a little nervous for you. These images were taken as candid you can't copy and paste then, don't forget on your wedding day that moments like this just happen and they won't happen if you are trying to copy and paste someone else's moment.

Julie said...

Are any of these amazing photographers in the Chicago area?? :)

jessica lynn said...

tiffany: good point...i totally understand where you are coming from! where there is probably no possible way to get/recreate these shots....they are certainly fun to look at and dream about! I'm sure Nicole will provide us with AMAZING photos! :)

julie: mthree studio is in Wisconsin, but I'll look into some Chicago photographers!

Julie said...

Yay! Everything you have up on here is AMAZING, so if you come across any you love in the Chicago area, let me know!!

jessica lynn said...

Julie: Here are some Chicago wedding photographers from Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book...they are gauranteed to be good!! Here is the link: http://abbyjean.typepad.com/littleblackbook/Chicago-Wedding-Photography.html