Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Little Birdy Told Me....

....that even though I'm not too crazy about birds, that I should check out this wedding (photographed by sara france):
The invitation envelopes are pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen. From: THE LOVEBIRDS. How precious!? Imagine walking into a reception and finding your table adorned with this elaborate centerpiece:
And then to look down at your plate and see 1) a handstitched place card 2) an adorable photostrip 3) and a nest with THE cutest saying, "love tweet love" atop egg candies. Are you kidding me!?!
And if that wasn't enough....the cake. Check out the detail on the layers AND the topper.

For more detail check out this post at joyful weddings & events.
Tweet tweet!


Jessica Ralph said...

I came across your blog...great seems you're enjoying the wedding planning process : ) As am I. My name is Jessica as well, and I'm getting married next March in Atlanta...and I'm a fellow blogger. You can visit my blog at All the best to you!

style-ish said...

woah. that is quite some detail put into a wedding! I love the little nest and the saying. adorable.

milamila said...

where could I find those darling little candy eggs?! I really want some for my wedding too! Any help?

jessica lynn said...

just google speckled candy eggs. there are tons of candy warehouses/shops you can buy them on line from....or I am sure that they will be in stores around easter!