Monday, June 16, 2008

Mommy as a the 70's

I went home this past weekend to celebrate Father's Day. Luckily I had some time at home to peruse old wedding albums and family pictures. Little did I know that I would come across this gem:
That, my friends, is Mommy dearest serving as a bridesmaid circa 1970-ish.
Where do I even start with this picture?
Note: Mommy CLEARLY had the better colored skirt. The poor girl behind her was in a orange-marigold-brady-bunch number. The ribbon from the bouquet is practically overpowering the "outfit"...but I'm pretty sure nothing could overpower those pouffy sleeves.
Bridesmaid dress aside, Mommy was a hottie-bo-bottie!!
Mommy, Thanks for letting me brought a smile to many a women on this Monday morning.


Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha what a classic! I am thinking I out to rethink my little sister's outfit because she's going to look way too normal in years to come... I think!

Molly said...

aren't you happy there's much better choices now? I always laugh at my aunt's wedding pictures circa 1983 because she wore a hat!