Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rings on Display

I must say, the shot below of the rings on the clock is one of my all-time favorites. However, I could be biased since Nicole is going to be our photographer... Regardless, the couple got married on 06-07-08 and now they have this to frame:
(06-07-08: nicole green)

Below: I love the black and white ring shot because of the pattern of the fabric and the ring(s) remind me of mine. You can't see the detail very well, but the 2 rings were slid onto the prongs of the table sign holder and I love the results! And who can resist the rings atop a bottle of (empty!) Patron?!

(black & white: luna photo/ table holder sign & patron bottle: Christine Tremoulet)

Dear Louis Vuitton,
Please feel free to send a (large) handbag my way as a wedding present. And you can tell your friend, Tiffany, to come the blue box of course!

(steeves photography)

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style-ish said...

i love the black and white shot as well. The pattern of the fabric is really pretty.

That LV ring shot inspired me to take my own picture of my rings on a LV box. It turned out really cute!