Monday, June 23, 2008

Top This!

My little bloggity blog was is featured on Alltop Weddings!
I just wish that I had time to visit all of the other great blogs Alltop has featured. Check them out if you have time!
Thanks goes out to Christine Tremoulet for nominating me!
And because every post should have a pretty picture:
This will so be me at some point during our reception....

(checkin it out: ben chrisman )


nicole green said...

oooh my gosh .. why did you post this!? well besides the fact that it's GREAT you're featured but now i feel the need to read ALL of those blogs. :) shame on you! ;) haha!

Guilty Secret said...

Congratulations :)

And that photo... that will so be me for *months* after the wedding ;)

Candice said...


Candice said...