Thursday, June 5, 2008

Copy {Click} and Paste {Volume 3}

Two years ago we sat a couple hundred feet apart. He in the stands of the greatest fieldhouse ever built and I on the hardwood floor. He sat with Mommy and Daddy and Gram, there to support me as I got my first degree from college. The day was already an emotional one, as it was the last day I would be on the campus I dearly loved with my sorority sisters and dear friends. But it was the speaker that brought me to tears twice.
Once was when he asked our parents to stand so that we, the graduates could salute them and thank them for getting us to that day. Pretty sure Mommy and Daddy didn't stand, they were crying too hard.
The other moment came when he told us that to be truly happy in life, we would need the love and companionship of our true best friend. The one we could sit on a park bench with for hours upon hours with and not say a word and be truly content. My eyes teared up because I knew that I had already found that person, and he was sitting in the stands, looking down on me. I snuck a glance at him, before I completely lost it, and smiled.
For that reason, we would hold "park bench sitter" shots like these close to our hearts and framed on our walls for years to come.

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Guilty Secret said...

Gorgeous post. You took me back to the day of my graduation, when it was all about the love and support of my parents and then boyfriend (now fiancé) too.

Candice said...

My hunny was with my parents on that day too. If you blog twice today, I don't know how you'll top that one! PS I think you can buy benches at Walmart and I saw some at the grocery store the other day - maybe you can register for'll always take great bench pictures then

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i cried. there are tears.

who-dey said...

Love you baby! Thanks for being the best ever! Can't wait until the day I have the pleasure of receiving you from your father’s arms. No matter how many times you tell me to clean my room or pick up my shit. How I sneeze really loud or how many activities/sports I like to participate in, you're there. When I fall asleep at night and your in Indy, the last note you wrote on my mirror is still there, even if it's weeks or months old (it may even be a little smugged), I leave it there because it makes me comfortable that you'll be there the next weekend waiting with open arms for me to hug you and to place a peck on your forehead. Yes, I can picture you pointing to your little forehead, with your straight index finger and your pouty little lip expecting a kiss, knowing it will come without a word being said. The day can not come quick enough when I don’t have to drive down I-74 east away from the sunset, alone, away from you, away from your warm smile and sparkling brown, (ooops I mean blue =) eyes) I love everything about you and always will. So remember, when things aren’t going well, you’re stressed or we are both stressed, look down at your left hand, third finger from the thumb and say to yourself, “that is why I can get through this, b/c he will always be there for me.”

Love me