Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Find a Chair

It is necessary to take a moment, sit back and relax at some point on your wedding day. And you should do so in style....and in the company of your photographer.

Above: There are so many incredible elements of this picture. From the amazing chair to the ultra sophisticated decor, everything about this picture is just perfect.
Below: How relaxing does this look!?!

(ben chrisman)

Also, check out the bio of Knottie Springchic for other chair portrait images.

Will you take a moment to find a chair to relax in on your special day!?


Guilty Secret said...

I seriously hope so... might not be possible but we'll try!

Sara France Photography said...

Wow! Your blog is so great! Thanks so much for the shout out with the chair shot! I love your energy and your blog. Congratulations!