Sunday, June 1, 2008

{One of} My Best Friends Wedding{s}

I cried when I saw her in her dress before the ceremony. I cried when she walked down the aisle. I cried when Terry was repeating his vows after the preacher and ended each one of them with " Queen." Example: "I promise to celebrate your passion, because it makes you who you Queen." I cried when her parents eyes were watering during the Lord's Prayer. I cried because of the heart-warming ceremony led by the Groom's cousin. I cried because of the sheer beauty of the day and the fact that one of my best friends was marrying one of the nicest men I have ever met. Kristen and Terry, I wish you years and years of happiness.

Kristen and Terry tied the knot at the Columbia Club on the circle in downtown Indianapolis. There was a gorgeous light streaming thru the windows during the ceremony....the space was remarkable.
The cake was simply amazing and so elegant.
Kristen chose to adorn half of the tables with a "short" arrangement of green hydrangeas (above). The other tables had striking "tall" arrangements of 3 Calla was stunning.

Kristen and Terry have strong ties to the University we went is the reason why they are together. So, as a gift to the couple, I had the school mascot come in to take some pictures with the bride & groom and all alumni and staff that were at the wedding. Above is a shot of our sorority sisters and the mascot.

The vendors:


saundra, event engineer said...

That is so sweet! What a lovely wedding! I know Darcie from Circle City! The internet is not so big after all. ;-)

Candice said...

You wrapped it up of the best posts yet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jess, from the bride! The pictures look great and your words are so thoughful. Thanks for being a part of it all! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Great Post, Nothing is better than posting about a real wedding!

Anonymous said...

I love the post! The entire day was a great celebration of Kristen and Terry

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful wedding it must have been. And so cute with the mascot!