Thursday, June 12, 2008

USPS: Love Stamp

Dear USPS,
Thank you for issuing the Love: All Heart stamp.

None of the wedding hearts stamps went with our color scheme and I was dreading having to put the flag or liberty bell on our invitation envelopes.
I can go to sleep now, knowing that our invitation envelopes will not be de-faced by stamps such as these.
much love, jessica "paying-too-much-for-stamps" lynn


Miss G said...

greatness! thanks for your comment on my blog and your helpful sites! so many shoes, so little time! :) Kelly

Anonymous said...

Want to talk about spending too much money on stamps? I'm contemplating custom-designing some stamps to go perfectly with my invites. You can upload your own custom design!

Wedding Postage said...

I love the way you phrased it - saying that the envelopes would have been defaced by inappropriate stamps...couldn't agree more!

If you can't find what you want from your local posta office, you can always customize wedding postage online created by professional wedding designers.

Christiano said...

I wish the post office would amp up their stamp design library. It just seems they don't have that many to choose from and many of the ones they do have are pretty mediocre. I found some thousands of cool love stamps here .. love stamps and of course there is always zazzle! Thanks and please let us know of any other cool stamps that the post office comes out with!