Monday, June 2, 2008

Cheap Box

Need 150 of these boxes. For $.25-$.50 each....or less.

(image from perfect bound and the knot)

Acceptable colors: deep plum, white, black, or the perfect shade of raspberry.
Will wrap with self-bought ribbon and personally affix our monogram to the cute tag.
Just need the cheap boxes. Thoughts?


Abbie said...

Try they also have an eBay account! Great prices!

April said...

I know these have cotton in them, but you can't beat the price and you can take the cotton out :)

April said...

In case you can't see the other link site

tina said...

These aren't the cute fold ones, but what about these?

soontobemrsjacobs said...

these are slightly above your budget but they are great!

Jen said...

I second efavormart. I think shipping was $4.95 on the ones I ordered. They actually have a slight texture to them.

Jezika_Rae said...

have you found the boxes or moved on to another idea?

If your willing to be hands on, you could purchase paper or card in the colour you wanted and I could teach you how to make them.

My email is

if you're keen then pop me an email and I'll make a youtube video for you teaching you how to do it. Once you know, it's a piece of cake I swear!


Nicole said...

i'm rounding up the bridesmaids and we're making origami boxes. they'll be 2" traditional-style boxes made of a heavy-ish, good quality paper. to add something fun, we're tying them up with pretty satin ribbon. if you buy 12"x12" paper, one sheet will make two boxes (with corresponding lid).

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