Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DIY Bouquet Centerpieces

I love love love this picture taken by jonathan canlas photography:

Gathering a batch of carnations or dahlias and wrapping the stems with colored ribbon would be quite painless. Clustering a couple of the bouquets on a table at the reception produces the above lovely results.
P.S. If you are even thinking about adding a bold punch of yellow into your color scheme then you will do so after seeing this wedding.


Jonathan Canlas said...

much thanks for the props!

budgetsavvybride said...

WHOA- THANKS for that link!! I have been debating on color scheme ever since I got engaged, 2 months ago- and have had such a hard time. Yellow has definitely jumped up a notch (or ten) after seeing this wedding!

budgetsavvybride said...

OMG- and I just realized they got married on 5/2/08, my fi and I are getting married on 5/2/09! Think it's a sign? :)

jessica lynn said...

bsb: tou are too funny! love those centerpieces and the yellow that POPS! and the dates...that's def a sign!
jonathan: i love your work!