Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poll: Perfect Plum Peeps

Today I had 30 minutes in between work/training and our happy hour. Naturally I went to the mall. I'm not sure what I was looking for at Bakers, but I had a Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie Bradshaw moment. Hello lover:

Excuse the fuzziness of the image.

These precious peep toes were right below a fabulous Jessica Simpson purse and I almost passed them by. But don't you worry, I snatched them up and I am still clutching them in my grubby little paws as I type this.
In case you are wondering, my inspiration behind colored shoes for the big day comes from lots of amazing being:

(photos of karrie and brian via amy squires)

Our colors are plum and raspberry. The Groom and groomsmen will (hopefully) be wearing plum and black argyle socks and some sort of plum tie. I think that the plum shoes would be an extra special (unexpected) detail that would pop out in some of our photos.

My ONLY hesitation is that in 30 years I'll look back and see my plum heels peeping out of my dress and ask myself, "What was I thinking!?! " The white bridal shoes are a safe bet. Perhaps I reserve the plum shoes for just a couple of photos and wear white ones for the rest of the day?

Regardless the plum peep toes were only $40. I couldn't resist.

Thoughts? Vote. Love the plum? Stick with white? Switch it up: plum for a couple of shots and white for the rest of the day.

{Update: 46 votes. Prefer plum: 23 votes, Would rather white: 4 votes, Buy both: 19 votes}


HappyAmy said...

I say go for it! I am also concerned with looking overly
"2009". But, I'm going to allow myself a few indulgenced and the shoes are one of them. When wil you wear ivory pumps again? These would love FAB later on!

Linda said...

30 years from now you will think you were young, impetuous and in love! You will probably laugh about those purple pumps and smile wistfully. I think it's a wonderful idea! Go for it!

Guilty Secret said...

I love the shoes and don't think it matters at all if they'll look dated.

Having said that, I think raspberry would stand out better. Have you thought about raspberry?

Lucky Designs said...

I love them! Perfect choice.

Molly said...

those green shoes in the pictures? Those are what I'm wearing exactly, except in red. And my girls are wearing deep purple shoes. Why? Because it's so ME. I say if you love it, go for it, because in 30 years you won't look back and say what was I thinking, you'll look back and say, wow, I loved those shoes.

Candice said...

with the hottness shoes - if you don't can we all wear them?!?!?!

Miss G said...

I've wondered the same thing. My colors are robin's egg blue and pomegranate orange. So far I haven't found shoes in either color that are dressy enough and not too blocky/businessy looking for what I want. I have a pair of gold shoes in reserve but am still looking. Even though I at times waver in my own thoughts, I think I'm leaning mostly with the other commenters that it's fun, if it's "you" and if you really like it now, go for it (speaking to myself too) and I think even if it seems a little silly later it will be that fun kind of looking back on silly like when we wore funny things in fifth grade!

If anyone who reads this sees any fab blue or orange shoes out and about, hop on over to my blog and let me know! Thanks! Kelly

jessica lynn said...

thanks for all the input ladies!! i really appreciate it!
guilty secret: i would LOVE to get raspberry shoes...i just cannot find them!! :)
candice: i would love to have all of my bridesmaids wear these just seems as though there are very few of them left in stores...i had to go to 2 stores to get one in my size!

nicole green said...

you have NO idea how excited i am about these shoes! :) i am going to have a BLAST shooting the wedding. i'm such a shoe person and anytime there is any shoe color other than white, my heart is that much more happy! ;)

Maranda said...
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Maranda said...

how about either of these i found at i love thist store and the best part is they have free next day shipping! maybe something like this for the bridesmaids? hope this helped

they have tons of gread styles even burgundy

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

holy bajeez, could I have had any more typos in the first comment? Haha, I'm so glad that you ended up wearing them for your day! I am in LOVE with that color and it just looked perfect! Your pictures are amazing!

laura said...

Where did you get those purple peep toe pumps??! I absolutely love them and have been looking for shoes like that. What brand are they? Thanks so much.