Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Ramblings

Not much to blog about here today friends. I took a little step away from wedding planning last night to breathe (and help a friend remove wallpaper). To my utter enjoyment when I got home I had an e-mail waiting for me with our FINAL invitation draft. That's right, friends, the main invite is done. It had to be done. I was driving everyone crazy dragging out the process this long. Seriously. Sadly, I'm not letting you have a peak at them until they are in the mail (i.e. about 3 weeks from now).'ll just have to wait. It will be worth it.

This weekend will be one for relaxing...if I can allow myself to do such a thing. I almost forget what it feels like! But you know what is relaxing and refreshing?! It's coming across an adorable wedding:

Love the cute 2 tier cake with ribbon around it. Want the b&g chair signs. Admiring the perfect pink ranunculus centerpieces. Adore the ever popular candy bar. Can't stop staring at the beautiful complex bouquet of various shades of fluffy pink flowers. Found via e lucky designs & pictures via jennifer nichols. Check out both blogs if you have a little extra time this weekend!!

Back on Sunday. Next week's posts include: a little about MY ring bling, a board for yellow lovers, a board for a navy/nautical theme, professional pictures from my friend Kristen's wedding, and why I will need ~241.5 yards of ribbon. Yep. As prep-e girl observed, that's 2.5 football fields. And I will use every inch of it. Also, want to know how you can be alerted when someone mentions you in their blog post/links to you!? Let me know and I'll create a post to let you in the know!

xo, jessica lynn


Stella Event Design said...

I used over 400 yards of ribbon at a wedding I coordinated in April! Have you purchased the ribbon yet? If not, has great stuff (and reasonably priced, too) if you need large quantities! Happy ribboning!

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

Sometimes you have to step away from a project to figure out a solution. :-) It's good to take time off. Your brain needs it or else it won't work. You definitely don't want the brain pain!

@stella 400 yards?! Geez!

Guilty Secret said...

I am so looking forward to next week's posts... have a good weekend :)

*Michelle said...

waiting, watching, and hoping your nexts post's will contain the magical link-love tagging info.
And I'm with you, I want those B&G signs... in fact... i don't have a project for this weekend... I might just make those!!.. hmm.. printer needs ink...

Miss G said...

just make sure you want to know what others are saying about you because one time when I checked, there were people saying mean and rude things and I just wished I hadn't known. :(

I'm very much looking forward to how you'll use the ribbon! I am a ribbon girl myself! Kelly

*Michelle said...

So I commented before how much I liked the chair signs. I now hold you FULLY responsible for one of my wedding DIY projects!!